before i get to the show, i must admit that i didnt get to see all of it. due to election news coverage, my dvr did not tape the second half of the show, so i didnt get to see any of the guests, which really aggravates me because collective soul was going to be on! argh!!!
+ there was a recent 20/20 special on the british monarchy, craig tells, that was quite interesting. barbara walters, or as craig calls her 'americas perky sweetheart', talks with and about the royal family. he concludes that the monarchy are a bunch of losers with terrible teeth. i cant say i disagree.
+ craig talks about how he is excited to see the new fox show 'new amsterdam' about a 400 year old detective trying to solve crimes. he shares how new york used to be controlled by the dutch and signs of their involvement are still seen today- both harlem and brooklyn were originally named by the dutch. hmm, interesting. thats what we love about ya craig, we get a good laugh and we learn something new...
+ an emailer asks an interesting question: 'since the fda recently approved cloned beef for sale in grocery stores, doest that mean you can have the same burger twice?'
then, sadly, my recording ends.

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