+ craig briefly talks about the john mccain affair scandal. he asks why we are so hard on these people? everyone makes mistakes. he asks 'if we dont make mistakes, how can you be expected to learn anything?'
+ craig gets a kick out of the fact that you can get away with saying almost anything, as long as you start off by saying 'allegedly...' and then he goes on a rant about how he hates squirrels- 'all they are are rats with fur coats! just earthbound pigeons! all they do is steal your nuts, but dont do anything with them, they just hide your nuts!'
+ when we come back there is some guy doing an impression of craig, introducing his guest prince charles (played by craig). it was funny, but who ever they have doing the craig impression is terrible! wow, its really bad and not that funny.
- don rickles. i cant really tell, is he still funny? im not sure, i think he might be funny out of respect for all those who seem to love him, but his jokes are all so racist that im not sure if it really is funny...
- joe mantegna. he appears in the larry the cable guy movie 'witless protection'. wow, when did he start to sink so low?

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