+ earlier in the day craig went to the dentist to have a tooth removed. he said he was still feeling the after effects of the dentists drugs, and his loopy mood was a sure sign of that! hes pumped full of medication, you know what that means: davis is back! davis is his imaginary sidekick that pops up every once in a while to great comic effect. i do love me some davis!
craig talked about why he had the tooth removed- now that he is an american citizen, he needed to get rid of the last british things about him, thus the tooth must go! but he did say that he was not going to get rid of his speedos- 'youll have to pry them from my cold dead nads!' he talks about the poor dental health of those back home, 'back in scotland we didnt go to the dentist, it was against the law! too fancy.'
+craig ponders how it is that dentists always want to talk just after they begin putting their hands in your mouth. and somehow they are able to understand the nonsense mutterings you make. 'its the same skill used to understand paula abdul'.
+an emailer asks 'why do you always slap the desk?'. without skipping a beat, craig responds 'well, its rude to slap the guests.'
- eric bana, sporting a shaved head
= barry manilow (who i still think stole the emmy from craig. im not bitter... much)

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