+ craig starts by telling us of his enthusiasm for the show 'project runway', a clothing design competition. 'its kind of like american gladiators, but less gay' he admits. he shares a great quote by oscar wilde who said 'fashion is an ugliness so intolerable we have to alter it every six months', but cites that wilde also said 'im drunk, lets find some sailors!' project runways hosted by heidi klum who is married to seal. craig speculates that she must have met him when she went out clubbing...
+ it seems that craig was at one time a male model! he says he was very punk rock at the time, and realizing the irony of it, says at that age 'i never wanted a job where i would have to wear a suit and sit behind a desk...'
- dennis hopper talks about his motorcyle trips and invites craig to tag along sometime
- yunjin kim who plays sun from lost

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