presidents day.
+craig begins by talking about the nation of denmark, at which point he shows a silly map pointing out where it is found on the map. he begins talking about soren kierkegaard, a danish philosopher. he announces that there are three philosophical truths: 1. i think therefor i am. 2. believe those who are seeking the truth, but doubt those who say they have found it. 3. he who smelt it dealt it.
+vending machines. he asks why is it that vending machines always spit the dollar back out? 'im trying to give you money, and you dont want it?!? ill walk away, mister!'
+a couple skits: 'U2 film review', which is a funny take on this years oscar nominated pictures. and a 'simon cowell m.d.' skit.
- alice cooper. introduced as 'the kierkegaard of rock and roll!'
- angela kinsey. angela from 'the office'. surprisingly speaks fluent indonesian.

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