+ 'the movie opening today i'm very excited about', craig ferguson shares, 'its called elysium, its a science fiction movie with matt damon.  i'm sure that its good because matt damon usually does great movies!  he was in that liberace movie on hbo.  i haven't finished watching it.  i've seen in 47 times, but i have not finished watching it...  anyway, the title is taken from 'elysium fields' of course, its what the ancient greeks called the afterlife.  elysium was said to be filled with heroic men in togas.  the epic poet homer wrote about the elysium fields in his epic 'the odyssey'.  there have been many references to elysium in contemporary culture.  in doctor who, for example, davros, the inventor of the deleks, died at the gates of elysium.  this was during the first year of the time war when his command ship was destroyed by the nightmare child, but everyone knows that!
* keith olbermann
esther povitsky

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