+ 'its a big anniversary today', craig ferguson shares, 'fifty years ago today was the great train robbery.  robbers got away with 53 million dollars in cash from a postal train in britain.  the robbers became folk heroes over there.  the reason this is of interest to me is because my father worked at the post office in glasgow at that time and was supposed to be sorting mail on that train the very night it was robbed, but he had 'the flu' and he called in 'sick'.  coincidence?  i'm not sure, all i know is that right after the great train robbery we ate well around my house!  yes, that's the night we got a brand new potato!  it really happened though, the train was going from glasgow to london.  the scottish bank lost millions!  the scottish people were spewing venom, accusing the english of betraying them, then the robbery happened and it got worse!  now, pulling off a robbery like that was very complicated, more than 30 criminals were involved, and they split up according to their skills.  you know, there's the safe cracker, the muscle, the look out, the guy who distracts guards with his cleavage...  then there was the guy who insisted that he was retired but he couldn't resist the money and adrenaline of one last job, and he was known as jay leno!  three of the great train robbers have never been caught.  i love a good heist movie.  you know whats a good one?  oceans eleven.  that's where they robbed the casino.  then there was oceans twelve, where they robbed the people who went to go see the movie!'
- james marsden
- meghan markle

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