+ 'now, if you know anything about me', craig ferguson informs, 'you know that i love reading about and learning about fashion!  i was reading an article about it and apparently the 90's are back!  according to this article, one of the hottest items on ebay is acid washed jeans.  i tried making acid wash jeans by washing them in LSD.  it didn't do anything for my jeans, but my washing machine saw god!  90's fashions aren't coming back because they are good, they are coming back because people are nostalgic.  nostalgia is defined as sentimentality for the past.  people have always been nostalgic, i wonder if even cave men were like 'ah, remember the mammoth stampede?'  of course, as you remember, marcel proust said 'remembrance of things past is not necessarily remembrance of things as they actually were'.  i think we look back at the past with fondness because we were younger, you know, life had not yet begun pecking away at our innocence like buzzards on fresh carrion.  a lot of people in their 30's  get nostalgic for their teen years and then they get jobs on tv, then they become bitter and jaded and prematurely old, and then they turn their nostalgia into good television.  in the 1990's we had 'that 70's show', twenty years, right?  then in the 1970's we had 'happy days' and that was set in the 50's, twenty years.  and then in the 1950's in television they had shows set in the 30's.  they had... 'here come's hitler boo boo'?  'how i met your hindenburg', 'live with regis and herbert hoover',  'real housewives of the great depression', 'larry king tonight'.  see what i did there?'
= courtney love
jeff kurr

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