+ 'you know what its a great day for?' craig ferguson asks, 'fashion!  who doesn't like fashion?  vanity fair's best dressed list came out today, and guess who's number 22?  that's right, justin timberlake.  i guess that's fair, justin timberlake cares a lot about fashion, he even has a song called 'suit and tie'.  if i had a song about fashion it would be called 'crocs and socks' or something like that!  i'm kind of bummed that i didn't make this year's best dressed list cause i make a lot of sacrifices to look good out here.  i steal all my suits from bob barker's old dressing room!  they look good, but they smell like plinko and dog nuts.  'spay and neuter your pets!'  when i'm not on tv i like to keep things casual, i like to wear regular guy like, you know, a crop top and juicy sweat pants.  i don't usually like it when people make lists, especially 'best dressed' lists, they are number one on my top 10 list of lists i hate!  i hate lists so much i don't even make a grocery list, i just go to the store and improvise!  and by 'improvise', i mean i load a cart up with ice cream and preparation h...'
- jane leeves
- ahna o'reilly
= backstreet boys

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