+ 'its a great day for mtv', craig ferguson shares, 'the channel that brought us beavis & butthead, snookie & j-wow, its 32 years old today!  mtv started in 1981, things were different in 1981.  justin bieber wasn't even born yet, you could leave your mop buckets out in the open without worrying about someone peeing in them!  people say mtv doesn't play music anymore, these people are called 'old'.  just because mtv has the word music in it doesn't mean they have to play music.  the name of a channel is irrelevant these days, this became clear after the learning channel gave us 'here come's honey boo boo'.  mtv is for people younger than 25.  the only old person who is allowed to be on mtv is kurt loder.  speaking of music videos, have you seen justin timberlake's new music video?  its got naked girls in it.  i remember back in the day when record companies would spend millions of dollars on music videos that were artistic and told a story, now a days they just put topless girls in a room and let them dance around.  what i'm trying to say is that things are getting better!'
- anthony edwards
> hugh moore

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