+ 'the big movie opening today that i'm very excited about is wolverine', craig ferguson shares, 'hugh jackman is a man with sharp nails who'll tear any man apart who crosses his path.  i'm not sure what he does in the movie, but i'm a big fan!  i love the x-men movies, i can name all the x-men: there's wolverine, professor xavier, cyclops, storm, rogue, sugar bear, pumpkin, chickity, moma june, and honey boo boo!  you know what i like about wolverine as a super hero?  his character is canadian!  in the comics he's a canadian citizen who works for the canadian government.  i love the thought of a canadian superhero!  they could have called him captain hawky or something.  or maybe syrup boy!  the lone bieber!  mr. soft spoken!  celine dion!  anyway, in the now movie, wolverine goes to japan.  although in japan they don't call him wolverine, they call him 'big fuzzy man ha ha'.  now, people think a wolverine is a big tough animal, but its not.  a wolverine is a cross between a wolf and a tangerine!  a wolverine actually resembles a little bear, its also referred to as skunk bear.  that wouldn't make a cool superhero, would it?  'stop villain, or ill... make a smell'.  its true though, wolverines, that's what they do, they make a stench from their anal glands to mark their territory, that's what they do.  you can make your own larry king joke here...'
- lisa kudrow
= michael mcdonald

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