+ 'i'll tell ya, i'm very excited', craig ferguson admits, 'its a big weekend if you like the sharks, and who doesn't?  sunday of this weekend is the start of shark week!  come sunday night i'll be glued to my tv set asking how do these magnificent creatures open their mouths so side around all that meat?  then ill turn off the porn and start watching shark week...  shark week isn't on cbs, its on cable.  the lawyers told me i cant say which channel its on or i'd be fired, so its on discovery channel.  this is the 26th year of shark week, it started off as a gimmick in the 80's that has turned into a cultural phenomenon that scares the crap out of everyone- its like david hasselhoff!  shark week is so awesome i'm surprised other networks don't have shark related programming, you know, like 'sharks and recreation', 'here comes chummy boo boo', 'fins of anarchy', 'how i ate your mother', 'hawaii five-oh crap its a shark!', 'the tonight show with jaws leno'!  did you see that tv movie 'sharknado'?  it was amazing, the plot of that movie was that a tornado went over the water and spewed sharks over l.a., which was terrifying.  but i'm thinking why was it only sharks?  why didn't it get all the fish that were there?  i guess 'fishquake' doesn't have the same ring about it'.
- josh wolf
- georgia king

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