+ 'over in london the olympics are well underway now!' craig ferguson shares, 'records are being broken, theres a lot of grunting, people are holding their breathe, then i step out of the bathroom and go watch the olympics!  i have to tell you, after a long weekend, i woke up this morning and i have got olympic fever!  i cant tell you how long it will last, but i will tell you that i was never able to cure my world cup herpes.  anyway, the olympics are kicked off with a bang.  millions of people are watching the most celebrated athlete in the world.  the guy everyone wants to see in action, men want to be him, women want to be with him.  thats right, i'm talking about u.s. archer brady ellison!  maybe not.  i'm really talking about swimming of course, the olympic swimming is kind of like the presidential election: every four years we pretend to give a crap.'
+ larry king's guide to london
- emma roberts
paula poundstone

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