+ 'its week two of the olympics', craig ferguson states, 'anyway, its the second week of the olympics and i've still got olympic fever- just look at my nipples!  today, of course, was the shot put.  the track and field event where the athletes spin around and then throw a 16 pound ball as far as possible.  or as i call it: foreplay!  did you know that wrestling started at the olympics as well?  the original olympics had lots of different types of wrestling.  youve got the greco roman, the freestyle, the jello, mud, and hot oil wresting.  i've been mistaken for a wrestler before.  i asked 'is it because i look strong?'  'no, because you are wearing a unitard and tights' and i said 'touche, officer!'  you know what i never understood about wrestling?  why dont they allow professional wrestling at the olympics?  they allow pro basketball and pro hockey players there.  they should have pro wrestlers.  the team from mexico could wear their masks, the swedish wrestlers could hit people with chairs from ikea, the french could hit his opponent with a baguette.  or perhaps just surrender.'
* stephen king
* dave barry
= rock bottom remainders

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