+ at the top of the show, craig ferguson often invites a guest from the audience to chat with him.  this time it was a british musician named david robinson.  unbeknownst to craig, david plays the harmonica!  after showing off his skills, he was awarded the coveted golden mouth organ!
+ 'its a big show business birthday today', craig ferguson shares, 'who is it?  mtv.  music television started on this day in 1981.  the first video they ever played was the song 'video killed the radio star'.  its a little on the nose if you ask me.  it would be like if bravo started with 24 hours of gay porn! a lot of people dont know this but the second video on mtv was by pat benatar.  i could actually remember seeing pat benatar on the screen.  you know, the high heels, tight sweaters, the gothy hooker make up.  i though 'bitch stole my look!'  did you, this is true, in the 1980's i was drunk.  the entire 1980's!  i actually auditioned to be an mtv vj in new york in the 80's.  thats true.  the producers said i wasnt right and i said drunkenly 'is that because i'm scottish?' 'what did you say?' 'is it becaoauidsfpao amsdfpmkasd!'  they said 'no no, its because you are not wearing anything but an olivia newton john headband and a shimmery vest!'  i said 'yeah, well, bitch stole my look again!'.'
- selma blair
- adam savage  adam also takes up the harmonica challenge and also received the golden mouth organ!

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