+ 'ill tell you why i'm excited', craig ferguson states, 'there's a big hollywood movie coming out today called total recall.  its a remake of the arnold schwarzenegger classic.  total recall is a movie that has two haunting questions: 1. what is reality? and b. will you pay to see a movie that kind of sucked the first time?  when i heard that they were remaking total recall i thought 'you cant do that, its a recent movie'.  then i realized its twenty two years old!  twenty two years? i'm old!  anyway, the new total recall and the old total recall are apparently totally different different.  you know, other than the title, thats the same.  and the premise and the tone and the characters and the script, but other than that...  instead of arnold, this one's got colin farrell.  i dont know if he's a good replacement because, well, he can act!  anyway, total recall is about a man who wakes up with no memory, which is perfect for colin farrell- he is irish, after all.  calin farrell's character is a spy and his wife is an assassin who is trying to kill him.  thats why they couldnt bring back arnold, he could never relate to a character who's wife wants to kill him!'
+ after reading a tweet on the show, craig decides that he now wants to be called 'johnny memphis'!
- edward norton
- malin akerman

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