+ 'today is gymnastics in the olympics', craig ferguson reminds, 'now, i have a confession to make.  i used to think that gymnastics wasnt a real sport, just an excuse to wear a leotard.  i have learned something, i do not need an excuse to wear a leotard!  people often ask me, they say 'craig, whats the difference between a leotard and a unitard?' they say.  i'm not really sure, i think the main difference is a leotard has exposed legs, like me if i ever win an oscar.  i'll be like angelina jolie.  the leotard was named after the man who invented it. he was a french trapeze artist, his name was jules ballhugger.  no, his name was jules leotard, that was his name.  he's probably the most famous guy to have clothes named after him.  right after bob spankz, steve jeggings, tom coat, and simon trousers.  anyway, when you watch the gymnasts on tv you always see them powdering up their hands to soak up the sweat.  i think they should use a big sham-wow!  you know, i spent the entire 1980's with my hands covered in white powder...  it was a result of my two favorite hobbies at the time:  cocaine, and punching mimes!'
* rachael ray who showed up a bit late, forcing craig to make himself a cup of noodles.
= the imagineers

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