+ 'it is a very emotional day for the staff of this show', craig ferguson admits, 'and by staff i mean me, and by emotional i mean 'meh'.  we have been at this studio, stage 58, cbs television city.  i've been here seven and a half years, tonight is our last night here, our last night.  dont get excited, we havent been cancelled!  we are finally moving to another studio, we are moving on up!  you know when you are about to leave something and you realize how much you are going to miss it?  well, that the opposite of what's going on here!  seven years of me complaining about what a dump this place is and finally somebody at cbs heard me.  and today they sent me a little note, it said 'looking forward to the next chapter in our relationship!'  it kind of bummed me though because the just wrote my name over katie curic's!  we are not moving far, the new studio is just down the hall.  its not ready yet, but its where they used to film the pat sajak show.  thats why its taking so long to get ready, they are trying to scrub out that sajak smell!  he smells like vowels...  i have a lot of fond memories though, there was the time the power went out, the time the roof leaked, and the other time the power went out again.  but now we are moving down the hall where it has the exact same electrical system and the exact same roof!  we will be living the dream!'
- chris hardwick stops by to help out with the tweets and emails
- carla gugino

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