+ 'something is going on this week thats just as important as the olympics', craig ferguson informs, 'maybe even more important.  shark week?  yes, that is going on, but no.  something even more terrifying than sharks.  this week is international clown week.  thats true!  not just domestic clown week- international clown week!  i cant believe i made it all the way to thursday without acknowledging clown week!  its a real thing!  it was signed in to law on this day in 1971 by the great president nixon.  one of the many great things he did for america.  am i right people who dont know a motherfucking thing about history!  anyway, i think clowns get a bad rap.  they are my second favorite thing about going to the circus.  my first favorite thing about going to the circus is not going to the circus!  some people think that clowns are descended from the medieval court jester, i dont i think they are just creepy jerks in make up.  some people think that clowns are scary.  and these people are called 'correct!'.  i dont know why clowns are a bit scary, i just know that they are scary.  i think its that clowns are really talking mimes!'
- rashida jones stops by to help out with tweets and emails
+ larry king's guide to london
- julie delpy

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