+ 'i've got to be honest with you, i'll have to tell you the truth', craig ferguson admits, 'i know this is going to cause some trouble for me, but i dont like pigeons. 'you dont like pigeons?' no, i dont. i dont like birds at all. maybe it was because of that scary movie about birds. what was is called again? march of the penguins. i was frightened! they are only pretending they cant fly, they are just waiting for the right moment to attack. when birds are not attacking, all they do is tweet and poop. course, thanks to the twitter, its all i do now too. i admit, i used to like birds. when i was younger i had a cockatoo. i used relax by petting a cockatoo... actually i had budgies. its a type of bird, very popular in the old country, very similar to parakeets, but slightly smaller and they speak with a british accent. 'i say, polly would very much like a cracker. perhaps some tea would be nice too.' we had a lot of budgies in our house but for some reason they were all named joey. and much like the sitcom 'joey', none of them lived past a month! they come in two colors, either green or blue. we only ever had green budgies, we were a green budgie family. my mother used to say that families with blue budgies were snobs. 'aw, look at them with their blue budgies and their roof!' and when ever one of our budgies would die my mother would replace it with one that looked kind of similar and thought no one would notice. i would ask 'mom, is that a new budgie?' 'of course not, now shut up and eat your small chicken!'. '
+ craig's spanish word of the day: seguro- insurance!
+ regis comes out early to join craig in answering the tweets and emails.

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