+ 'it was on this day, in 1852, john kellogg was born,' craig ferguson shares, 'now who, i hear you ask, is john kellogg? he is the father of the breakfast cereal. no no, its true. he was the first guy to patent dry cereal. wet cereal had been around for years before that, but they made all the boxes soggy and nasty. like me in the 1980's... but he thought 'lets have a dry cereal, we will add the milk later!' it was a burst of genius that had never been seen before. he wasnt just a cereal maker, kellogg, he was a well respected doctor. he actually ran a sanitarium in michigan. he used to treat something called 'genital hysteria'. i think i might have had that! if genital hysteria is when someone points at your genitals and laughs hysterically then i've had that...'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: homenahe- homage!
- quentin tarantino
= mumford and sons they are pretty good!

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