+ 'its romeo and juliets anniversary today' craig ferguson shares, 'thats true! shakespeares star crossed lovers. on this day in 1302 was the day that romeo and juliet got married. allegedly. its hard to prove because they actually never existed. but in the play it was this day in 1302. it was based on two real life lovers, romeo and juliet, in 1302. now that is true, they are still registered at pottery barn. shakespeare changed their last names, he called them juliet capulet and romeo henderson. and over the years the name romeo has become synonymous with romance, which i never understood because the character of romeo is an italian teenager who has never had sex with anyone! he's like an italian jonas brother! 'hey, whas a come and a go? hey, i got a tootsie fruitsie purity ring, itsa ok!' thats how italians talked in 1302. and shakespeare described juliet, he said of her 'she doth teach the torches to burn bright', which translated to 'break me off a piece of that!'.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: gafas- glasses!
+ eddie izzard comes out and throws a chair and a table. not sure why, but its quite funny!
= ryan bingham plays his oscar winning song 'the weary kind (theme from crazy heart)'

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