+ 'it is a great day for washington DC,' craig ferguson states, 'its always exciting in our nation's capitol, but this week has been especially exciting. its times like this i wished i lived there. this week in DC there has been the consensus development conference on lactose intolerance. i know! its a real conference. take that, vancouver, you canadian jerks, all you've got are the winter olympics, we've got a conference on lactose intolerance! doctors and scientists from all around the world coming to DC to learn about lactose intolerance. lactose intolerance, if you dont know, is part of the dangerous triple threat to american life: restless leg syndrome, and then the other thing thats really dangerous is whatever is treated with that 'head-on' stuff! i'm glad though, its about time there was a conference devoted to lactose intolerance. but its not as big as last years conference: poop con! 'come on down to poop con, we are making quite a splash!'.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: osqueroso- disgusting!
+ eddie izzard helps craig answer emails and tweets.

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