+ 'its a great day for the twitter', craig ferguson shares, 'the folks at twitter. i dont know if there are folks at twitter. i dont think there is a place where they all 'lets get these twitters moved along'. anyway, there is a new member of twitter, a very important one: the dali llama joined twitter! i dont know why, i think he just did it to piss off china. its like he is ellen degeneres, and china is simon cowell! now i realize that some of you people dont know what the twitter is, and until two weeks a go, i was just like you. i didnt know what twitter was. when i overheard people talking about twitter, i thought 'finally, my favorite game twister is making a comeback!'. twitter and twister are very different, because in twitter no one gets mad at me for being naked. basically, twitter is an online service that allows you to share what you are thinking with all of your friends. and i hear you ask 'but craig, how is that different from other social networking sites like facetubes, or my tubes?', or my favorite kissablemen.com. i dont know, i dont know what makes it different. look at me, i could be someone's grandpa. i dont know how twitter works. i'm still trying to figure out how the little elves make music come out of my ipod. all i know is that the twitter is very popular with the young people and me. sometimes i'll be at home and i'll pick up my cell phone and i start typing away. instantly it makes me feel twenty years younger. then i put on my glasses and realize i've been typing on my tv remote...'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: fracaso- failure!

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