+ 'i am a bit cranky tonight, arent i?' craig ferguson admits, 'i dont know what it is. i should just dance, dance away my blues. it wouldnt be that hard, this floor is from dancing with the stars. they gave us this floor after it was all danced out, the gave it to us. when this is polished you can see up people's clothing. all i need is a guest out here and a skirt with no underwear- jeff goldblum perhaps. do you know what? maybe that's why i'm depressed. everything from this show is a hand-me-down. the floors are from dancing with the stars. this suit is an old bob barker suit, i can still smell the moth ball on it. and then there's the brooms we use to sweep up around here are made from the trimmings of andy rooney's eyebrows. i'm like cinderella! i've said it before, i'm a terrible dancer. they say that you should dance like nobody's watching. its from the expression 'work like you dont need the money, love like youve never been hurt, and dance like nobody's watching'. well, i dance like i've been hurt, i work when nobody's watching, and i love like i need the money!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: flaco- skinny!
+ steven wright drops in to help read the emails and tweets
- mitch albom recently returned from haiti

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