+ wavey the crocadillio is back and so is his girlfriend nadine!
+ 'its a great day for me,' craig ferguson admits, 'i've had the best weekend i've had in... well, i had a good weekend! i went to two major american cities this weekend, two fantastic teaming metropolises, i was in thackerville oklahoma, and then austin texas. which is texas for liberals! its like 'yee haa' in prius's! i was in thackerville first, and if you dont know thackerville, and who amongst us doesnt? but its on the boarder of texas and oklahoma. i like oklahoma, its very flat. like holland, with guns. now, i've been to thackerville before, they have a casino there, an indian casino. its actually quite sad because before the white man came it was all casinos! hmm, i think i got into a bit of trouble there, but we will keep going, it will be alright... so i was going to thackerville and they have this big casino, its giant, its enormous this thing. and the last time i was there there was nothing there, it was like a couple of trailer and a piggly wiggly. i flew in to gainsville and was driven to the casino by a guy who works there, his name was freddie i think, and freddie was local. i turned into the casino, i had never seen this, its like europe- it has big ben, the roman colosseum. its like europe has been condensed into this small oklahoma town! i said to the driver 'what on earth is that, freddie?' and he said 'thats a facade'. and i was like 'you mean like my confidence?', and he said 'no, like your sexuality'. they are not stupid out there, they are fast!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: jefe- boss!
- simon helberg from the big bang theory!

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