+ 'there have been a lot of movies about weddings', criag ferguson rambles, 'i usually avoid them, to be honest. i avoid any movie about weddings, diseases, or sexy vampires with six pack abs. i dont like the wedding movies. i've actually been married more times than i've seen wedding movies. true! weddings are a bit like porn: its more fun to participate in than watch, you know what i mean? not true, not true. one costs a fortune and ends up being a beautiful thing, and the other is a wedding... craig! you cynical bastard! what i'm saying though is that a lot of people put too much importance on their wedding ceremony, they say 'this will be the best day of my life!' well, it might be, but there might be other days or other moments that might be better. birth of a child, or something else entirely. i know this actor who is a real golf fanatic and one day he got to play golf with sean connery who is famously also a golf fanatic. one day they are playing golf and this actor guy i know gets a hole in one! and he was ecstatic! he was like 'oh yeah! this is the best day of my life, apart from the day my kid was born, of course.' and sean connery said 'oh, come now. you are amongst friends...'.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: gravedad- gravity!
# mike massimino astronaut

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