+ 'a big celebrity birthday today' craig ferguson shares, 'bugs bunny was born this day in 1940, he's 69. he looks great, but i think he's had some work done.... talking animals are always popular, not just bugs bunny, that guinea pig movie was number one this weekend. my favorite talking animal movie was 'babe'. that was the reason i stopped acting. you know babe, the talking pig movie. the acting by the pig and the sheep dog in that movie was amazing! and i was like 'i cant do as well as these, why go on?' did you know, though, they used 15 different pigs to play babe? cuase pigs grow very fast, and they are delicious. so after i saw the 'babe' movie, i stopped acting completely. then i did eight years on 'the drew carey show'. and, by the way, did you know they used 15 different drew careys, cause they grow so fast. and they're delicious.'
+ micheal caine's animal kingdom

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