+ today's a big day if you are a gangster', shares craig ferguson, 'and i dont mean a 16 year old with his hat on backwards driving your mom's pimped out camery. i mean real gangsters. 75 years ago today the gangster john dillanger was shot by g-men. now when i say g-men i don't mean goreous men, or gay men. government angents, thats how they talked in the 1930's, 'say mack, a couple of g-men are on our tail' 'g-men? do you mean goreous men?' 'oh, i wish!' 'goreous men are on our tail? why are you driving so fast?!?' there's a movie out now, 'public enemies' with jonny depp and christian bale. in the 30's john dillanger was known as public enemy number one. and you know who i feal sorry for? public enemy number two. its very hard to get respenct when you're like 'dont mess with me, i'm number two! why are you laughing at me, mack? number two! on one will ever touch number two. number two will make a big splash!'
- tom lennon
- kelly rowland
> dobie maxwell not funny

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