300 episodes!

wow! its hard to believe that i have been keeping this blog for 18 months already! this blog now features 300 episode summaries of 'the late late show with craig ferguson'. i have enjoyed watching and writing about the show for the past year and a half, and i hope you have enjoyed reading about it to.
if you dont mind, i think i will just take a moment to remind everyone of the different things they can find on this website:
-first off, the episode summaries can all be found here.
-a look at the e-mail time songs he used to do can be seen here.
-many of the fun segments he has had over the past year and a half can be seen here.
-criag's novel (which is really quite good) and autobiography can be purchased here and here, oh and don't forget his stand-up dvd here.
-other places he has popped up are mentioned here.
-over the past year or so craig has had many regulars come on and help him with different skits, some of which can be found here.
-also, over the past months, craig has received some pretty high praise, which you can read about here.
-there have also been some times where i have shared my own thoughts here.
-also, a year or so ago i had the distinct pleasure of actually being in the audience for a taping of 'the late late show', which i talk about here!
please, feel free to look around, and don't forget to enjoy the show!

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