+ 'today in san diego was the first day of comic con', craig ferguson informs us, 'its the worlds big comic book convention. it's not just comic books though, all the hollywood studios go there to preview next year's movies. for the convention they are expecting 135,000 people each day, and not just geeks! there will be nerds, and dorks, and dweebs... being a geek has gone completely mainstream, it's actually cool to be a geek. you wont see me making jokes about comics, and science fiction, and unwanted virginity, or any of that stuff... thanks to geeks technology increases, and life gets easier. without geeks we'd still be playing pong on our computers, we'd still be using magazines for our porn!' one thing that was especially funny tonight was the obvious disliking craig had for the studio audience. they would ooh and ahh at the exact wrong times, and it totally ticked him off- at one point he got out of his chair to shake his fist at the audience!
- cheryl hines
- ben mezrich

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