+ the new harry potter movie comes out today, and craig ferguson has a few things to say about it. 'now, the harry potter books were written, of course, by j.k. rowling who was the most famous woman in scotland, until susan boyle took over. actually, i think her 15 minutes of fame are over by now, which is good- hollywood only has room for one middle aged scottish virgin, and that's me! thats right, step aside, boyle! now, the harry potter books i like cause they made magic seem cool again, this is after the years of damage caused by david blaine. jk should right more harry potter books cause kids get very excited about them, and i think thats great. kids getting excited about them instead of what i did when i was a kid, you know, watching tv, robbing houses, stabbing people. maybe that was just my childhood... i grew up in the village of the damned. 'you were thinking about hurting us, weren't you?' there's only two harry potter movies left to get made, but we'll get more after that, they're not going to stop. they'll make harry potter cartoons with harry potter's little cousin scrappy potter, harry potter meets the harlem globetrotters, a tv show where harry potter is a middle aged dude who's living in a boat in the marina, he's divorced and he solves crimes and hangs out in swingers clubs and everything i'm looking forward to that one, actually...'
- paris hilton
- alan furst
= ray lamontagne

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