+ 'paul mccartney was on dave tonight,' craig ferguson reminds us, 'i thought paul was fantastic! do we have a picture of paul mccartney?' craig asks, and they show a photo of angela lansbury. 'we've been doing that for years. you know, the only reason we keep doing that, by the way, in the first year of the show, the show got a terrible review from the los angeles times newspaper. a newspaper is a thing that they had before blogs. they gave the show a terrible review and the reviewer said, and i remember the quote, it said 'and without any apparent irony he shows a picture of angela lansbury and says it's paul mccartney, and he's done it three or four times.' so for the next four years i showed it once a week. some weeks it was every night. i'm still here, where are you los angeles times?!?'
- rosie perez
- mike massimino

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