+ 'now, if you are anything like me, and of course you're not, you've got a life and everything...' craig ferguson begins, 'you've been waiting a long time for today because today you get to see a movie about guinea pigs who fight crime! finally- hollywood made a movie for people with a brain! the movie, 'g force', came out today. its about guinea pigs who work as spies for the government. makes ya proud to be in show business doesn't it? rodents are making a big comeback in the movies, you got ratattoi with rats, 'desperoux' with mice, 'g force' with guinea pigs. i'm guessing gerbils are coming close behind...' the crowd begins to slowly catch on to the joke craig is hinting at here, 'i mean, what do you think? you think? i'm like 'come on'... i mean its so random...'
- rashida jones very funny!
- jose andres
> jim breuer

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