+ during email time craig ferguson shares this: 'oh, this is awesome, this is an email from carolie in altoin bay in new hampsire. she says 'dear craig, did you know you are the highest rated late night show in the lesbian demographic? does that turn you on?' you bet it does! you know whats so awesome about it as well, it opens up a whole new range of advertisers. i think we can get into plaid shirts, ladies golf accessories... i love that lesbians watch the show. you know why? you're not judged here, no one is judged here. lesbians, not lesbians- what do you call not lesbians? unlesbians i suppose. gay, straight, fat, thin, black, white, tall short. you're all welcome here. you know why? cause its only me, and i got no problem with you, so you're good. 'yes craig, but what about us people who don't like other people?' you're welcome here too. 'but if we're welcome...' dont worry, you don't all have to watch it in the same house. hats my point. 'but craig, i'm a committed racist homophobe, i cant enjoy a show that lesbians also enjoy', well, yes you can! 'how is this possible?' well, you don't have to live in the same house. 'ooh'. its only tv, it's not important. well, its important to me, its how i pay the bills. that and the stripping.'
- margaret cho
- michael lewis
= eric church

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