+ 'it is a great day for the city of chicago which turns 176 today', craig ferguson informs, 'happy birthday, chicago!  chicago, of course, is world famous for its food.   i enjoy their deep dish pizza.  to me, deep dish pizza is like the soren kierkegaard of pizza.  soren kierkegaard, the danish philosopher.  he's deep, mouth watering, a little hammy, just like deep dish pizza!  chicago is well known for its sausage.  last time i was there i couldnt believe all the juicy sausage that was on sale for just a few bucks... or the food, the food was good too!  many people dont realize that chicago is the home of two major cookie companies: keebler and nabisco who are intense rivals.  no one will ever forget the great keebler elf massacre of 1984!  it was horrible, hats and pointy shoes everywhere!  those three elves found face down in a pool of their own fudge! police described the scene as 'delicious!'.'
- jeffrey dean morgan
- katheryn winnick

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