+ 'for the president of venezuela who died yesterday', craig ferguson says, 'president obama said the united states supports the venezuelan people, sean penn said he lost a friend.  hugo chavez is being mourned all across south america.  if he were still here today, i'm sure he would say 'dont cry for me, argentina!'  chavez famously called george w bush the devil.  remember that? el diablo- the devil.  and chaney is like 'what am i, chopped liver?'  the people of venezuela arent sure who is going to replace hugo chavez.  cbs has already suggested ashton kutcher.  i have to admit, i dont know much about venezuela, i've never been there, in fact i've never been to south america.  brazil takes up almost half the space of south america, its kind of like texas, but with more exposed butt cheek.'
- christina hendricks
* jackie collins

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