+ 'its election day here in l.a.', craig ferguson states, 'we are going for a new mayor.  we have had the same mayor for the last 8 years, our mayor has been antonio villaraigosa, or as i call him 'the forbidden mayor' because he got caught having an affair with a reporter.  you know, at one point our mayor was seen hanging out with charlie sheen.  apparently they partied together a couple times.  everyone is like 'why would the most powerful guy in the city, a role model, a pillar of the community, why would he want to hang around with the mayor?' but he did!  it is time for some new leadership here in l.a., its been almost a decade since we had a new mayor.  it was starting to feel like one of those jobs for life, like supreme court judge, or host of the tonight show...  anyway, the front runner for mayor is a new guy named eric garcetti.  there have been negative ads about how garcetti is a hipster.  i'd quite like a hipster mayor- tax break on skinny jeans, free handle bar mustaches.  one of the other candidates is a gentleman named kevin james.  not the actor, this is kevin james a former lawyer and gay republican.  now, kevin james the actor and kevin james the politician are very different of course, one is the king of queens and the other...'
# larry king
- abbie cornish

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