+ 'theres a big movie out today', craig ferguson states, 'the last exorcism part 2.  how can it be called the last exorcism part 2?  by definition a movie called 'last' cannot have a sequel.  unless, unless hollywood is run by money hungry liers!  no way...  in the first last exorcism part 1, a young girl gets possessed by satan and the priest performs an exorcism to try and cast it out.  i guess in part two the devil returns because... i dont know, he forgot his wallet?  'it was red!  with velcro!  my drivers license was in it and it had my blockbuster card in it.  i know it doesnt exist anymore, but...'  if the movie is a hit, its only a matter of time before we get a tv knock off of it.  what would it be called?  'how i possessed your mother',  the biggest loo-cifer',  'two broke ghouls'.  people think i got this show because i made a deal with the devil.  thats true!  nine years ago the devil promised me great fame and untold wealth in exchange for my soul. well, i broke that deal and now i am condemned to this place for all eternity.'
- trace adkins
- naya rivera

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