+ 'its not a great day for our friends in italy', craig ferguson explains, 'they just had the elections and there is no winner. it means for now there is no government in italy.  in today's vote in italy, not a single party won the majority.  so italy's italian will be one of three leaders.  it will either be silvio berlusconi, who is the italian bill clinton, really.  and there's a communist, and a stand up comedian!  sounds like the set up for a joke, doesnt it?  berlusconi used to be the prime minister, he is known for his sex crazed bunga bunga parties.  i dont think berlusconi has learned his lesson, because when he heard he would have to share power with two other partys, hes like 'great, i love-a threesomes!'  the outgoing prime minister is mario monte.  the man who got a lot of votes is a comedian named beppe grillo, he looks like the italian version of 'the most interesting man in the world'!  'i dont-a always eat-a ice cream, when when-a i do, its always tootsie frootsie ice-a cream!'.'
- tom lennon
- mike tyson

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