+ there's a leak in the late late show's studio, and craig ferguson warns us in his intro 'brace yourselves everyone, this could get damp...'
+ this situation leads to one of craigs funniest, angriest monologues in a long time: 'its not such a great day here in the glamorous land of show business... look!' craig points to a bucket on the floor, 'now, you probably cant tell by looking out the window, but it's raining here in las angeles, and guess what? even though i have the best studio in television, its leaking!!!' craig yells angrily. 'have you no shame, cbs? have you no shame? this is outrageous. here's a clue, im originally from scotland and i came to live in l.a., can you guess why? i'll press through, i'll press through.
we'll do the show anyway, and you know why? why not... its only rain. although im a bit scared, not of rain, i'm just a bit scared generally. i thought when i stopped drinking i would be done playing places with buckets on the floor...'
- gary shandling a legend, and through out the interview continually compliments craig on the funny rantings about the leaky roof
magic: ed alonzo

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