+ the super bowl is only two days away and craig ferguson shares about football: 'you may be surprised to know that i am a big football fan, it certainly surprised the hell out of me! cause one minute i'm sitting in a european cafe smoking, smelling my own body oder, the next minute i'm wearing a helmet made out of nachos slamming my face into a bowl of guacamole. then i came to america. where i grew up football was different. it was about kicking a ball with our feet. i don't know where we came up with the name 'football', it seems so stupid now... where i grew up the game itself was quite tame, we kept the extreme violence in the stands. so when i saw a game where the violence is actually built into the game, i thought 'thats the way to do it- let the people who are getting paid knock the hell out of each other!'.'

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