+ continuing the yodel theme he started the night before, craig ferguson has some monkeys sing along with the yodeling song.
+ 'a new study says they found a 'shy' gene', craig shares, 'scientists can look at a baby and determined if its going to be shy or outgoing. and i'm thinking 'oh, youre out of your mind!' who ever heard of a shy baby? it will take a crap right in front of you! now, i know scientists have discovered great things like electricity, phones, and computer porn, but i hate any scientific study that tries to explain human behavior. people cannot be broken down into equations. sure, there's certain genetic predispositions toward behavior, for instance, i have a genetic predisposition to drink too much, but at a certain point i took responsibility of not doing that. i also have a genetic predisposition to bedazzling my underwear... i'm still working on that one. what im trying to say is making a pathology out of human condition, i don't think thats right. it takes away all the responsibility from the individual. 'im not shy, i've got a condition', 'i'm not a theif, i've just got a gland in my neck that makes me a robbing bastard', 'im not a habitual liar, i'm just the governor of illinois.' at a certain point you've got to take responsibility. of course, the cure for that one is jail. what i'm saying is everyone's got personal responsibility. we are defined by our actions, not our genetic predispositions. i believe it was aristotle who said 'we are what we repeatedly do'. although in aristotle's case, that was young men.
+ dear aquaman skit, and 'michael caine in spain'
= rza talk and sing

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