+ there is always a short two minute bit where craig ferguson talks before the show starts, today he doesn't talk- he sings! in the song craig teaches us how to yodel!
+ 'i recently did a show in nashville,' craig tells us, 'i had always wanted to go there since arriving in america, it only took me 14 years. i always wanted to go there, and pahrump nevada. i know what youre thinking: 'craig, is that cause of the legalized prostitution?' well, partly, but i also like their laissez faire attitude, naming their town after a fart! these people are relaxed! pahrump? come on, you know that back in the day there were a couple prospectors there around a fire 'well, what we gonna call this new town round here?' 'i don't know', the guy farts, 'that'll do!'.'
+ 'ding dong vicar' skit starring sir cornwell barnes

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