+ craig ferguson tell us of an ice storm that hit the east. 'an ice storm, i'll bet you there's a weatherman on a local news channel somewhere who's name is 'ice storm' i'll bet you. cause the weathermen love the weathery names. you've got stormy johnson, bob fog, jonny puddle. i think everyone in the news should have names that match their jobs. you know, 'here's the news with frank murder and susan carjack. and now sports with dick groinpull, dick?' i like weather, though we live in california so we don't really have weather. i like songs about the weather like 'raindrops keep falling on my head', 'it's raining men'- ah, the soundtrack to my dreams! you know who sand that song? they were called the weather girls. they only sang weather related songs: 'raining men', 'snowing boys', 'drizzling transexuals'... drizzling transexuals' was the name of a movie i accidentally rented twenty times... i'm just kidding, i was in it! i played 'dick groinpull'...'
+ henry winkler, super bowl ref.
- frieda pinto she teaches craig how to dance

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