+ today was not such a great day on wall street,' craig ferguson explains, 'because the president opened up a can of whoop-ass on the wall street fat cats. obama's putting salary caps for executives that work for companies that take the government bailout money. these CEOs are furious because the limit to what they can make is five hundred thousand dollars. cry me a fucking river! half a million dollars! now that might sound like a lot of money, but you've got to remember a lot of these guys live in manhattan where an orange juice costs twenty grand, but still... for most of these wall street clowns thats a huge pay cut, some of them had been making hundreds of millions a year. they say these huge salaries were justified because it took a lot of hard work to drive these magnificent companies into the ground. these arent just run of the mill execs were talking about, these guys are the cream of the crap. they have a point because anybody at all, you, me, fabio, anybody can make stupid decisions and reduce a banks capital to zero, but it takes a genius to go straight past zero and end up billions of dollars in the red!
+ a talk with a joe biden impersonator
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