+ 'people are freaked by bruno and the gay stereotypes' craig ferguson shares, 'most audience members are smart enough to know that not all gay people act like bruno, unfortunately there are some people who don't realize this, and these people are called 'morons'. morons use a funny movie like bruno to reinforce their ignorant ideas, and they always ruin it for the rest of us. 'i dont want those gays in my neighborhood checking out my ass.' no one's checking out your ass, not until you loose fifty pounds and get a belt that matches those shoes, mister! what i'm saying is of course bruno is a ridiculous gay stereotype. its like the stereotype that all scottish people wear kilts, eat haggis, and are careful with their money. its nonsense. as you see i am not wearing a kilt. its cause i spilled haggis on it, and the dry cleaners want six whole dollars! there's another stereotype that we have a special relationship with sheep. i dont have anything to do with sheep- i've had my heart broken too many times...'
- selma blair
- connie schultz

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