+ craig ferguson often misspronounces words, but goes with it. he has a great skill of turning his mistakes into humor. today there were a couple examples: 'the gentelman who directed transformers is michael bay. he makes all the movies about explosions and testerone. testerone? 'dont you mean testosterone?' 'no, no i dont' 'whats testerone then?' 'well, its like testosterone, only its european!'. oh, it's friday, what do you want? i've had a long week! anyway, michael bay makes all the mu... musicals? yeah, musicals. he makes musicals!' then craig breaks into a showtune song 'transformers! hey hey hey!' 'look, i know it's crap, but i'm trying! actually, i'm lying to ya- i'm not even trying that hard... michael bay makes all the movies with explosions and testosterone is what i'm trying to say. oh, i wanted to talka bout it, but we've run out of time!'
+ 'a lady of insignificance' skit
+ dear aquaman
= chairlift they are pretty good!

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