+ craig ferguson shares his memories of michael jackson: 'i actually saw michael jackson perform live in concert. it was a spectacular show. i wasn't a huge fan of michael jackson, but i went because it was michael jackson- thats how big a star he was. when someone said michael jackson is on, you went! at the end of the concert i was like 'wow! that is amazing!' at the end of his concert he flew off in a jet pack! it was awesome! there were two hours of singing and dancing and crotch grabbing- and that was just me in the audience, nevermind what michael was doing on stage! it was amazing, it was an amazing concert, i was like 'wow!' it was in london at wembley stadium, the old one. it used to hold 70,000 people- can you imagine: 70,000 english people singing along with micheal jackson? 'billy jean is not my lova, oy govna!' it is though, the end of an era, michael jackson was the biggest star in the world for years- for years! these days the biggest celebrity changes every ten minutes, thanks to youtube. first it was susan boyle, then its a cat playing the piano, then its a fat guy getting hit in the nuts or something. which i admit is always funny, but michael jackson was a hit for years. he was a music icon, he was. he changed pop culture forever. he was like frank sinatra, elvis, or the beatles. i remember when sinatra died many people would say 'he was the soundtrack to my life' most of those people were in the mafia, but it's true... the music of a true icon lives forever. in the 80's, what i'm saying is that michael jackson was the soundtrack to many people's lives. not mine, in the 80's my soundtrack was just 'glug glug', maybe a little 'sniff sniff'... i'm not proud of it, i'm just telling ya what happened. anyway, what i'm saying is this: i'm not going to pretend like everyone else in the media that i didnt make jokes about michael jackson, i did. michael jackson was an icon, and i am an iconoclast and its my job. when i make fun of celebrities it's nothing personal. i would like to say tonight to the millions of people all over the world, to his fans, to the friends, and of course to the family of michael jackson, our sympathies are with you.'
+ ask aquaman
- evan rachel wood
- christopher gorham

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