what did we learn?

craig ferguson has recently added a new segment to his show. now at the end of the show, instead of just pressing a button that makes a moo noise and saying 'thats the cow of time, see you tomorrow', he sits, loosenes his tie (and sometimes takes off his shoes) and shares with us a summary of what we learned during the course of the episode. usually its silly bits that were mentioned during the guests conversation, or stuff from his monologue. what is especially cool about this new bit is that he come up with it just off the top of his head (i know for a fact that they didnt plan it when i saw him because the teleprompter was blank) which just goes to show how he actually does listen to his guests, and it highlights just how quick of a wit he has!
im pretty sure this new idea stemmed from the episode i was in the audience for. at the end of that show he gave his first summary about aisha tyler and richard bransons visit. it was hilarious! (that summary is written out here).

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